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● Business plan for female entrepreneurship ● Corporate Strategic Planning ● Content creation and social media management ● Email Marketing, SEO, Website Development (WordPress) ● Content creation, social media management and data analysis ● Product Photo, Video Editing, Creative Writing and Scriptwriting.


We put aside the traditional model of communication agencies to create an agency that can get things done, no matter what, bringing profound social changes.

Offering marketing solutions focused on social transformation is what we want to leave as a legacy. Do you want to know how we do it?

Check out some of our projects:

ONE BY ONE COLLECTIVE | enhancing the value of women’s work

Created in 2018, the One by One Collective aims to embrace gender equality, inclusiveness and the preservation of Human Rights through female entrepreneurship.

The pilot project was implemented in São Tomé and Príncipe, Africa, with a focus on supporting and fostering local female entrepreneurship. We offered guidance to young entrepreneurs, as well as awareness workshops and collective activities on female education, prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse, among other topics that met the demands of these communities.

With our expansion to the online format in 2019, we started to offer financial assistance to young women who have difficulties to continue their studies.

In 2021, One by One began to be developed in Brazil and Ireland, adapting to the reality of each location. Our goal is to meet, empower and support women through building their businesses, marketing planning and creating content for social media (free or at very low cost). In this way, we promote and strengthen female entrepreneurship within the needs of each entrepreneur.

Do you want to be part of this project? Contact us!


The Our Women Project honours ordinary women who play a significant role in the lives of their families and friends. Through creative writing, we rewrite the story of these women who inspire us daily. Do you know someone who deserves to be celebrated? Write a brief outline of a female figure you admire and explain why you want to pay tribute to her. Then just wait and we'll get in touch.


Design and Psychology for a good cause

The project started in 2021 in partnership with Juliana Azambuja - who combined her experience of more than ten years in Psychology with the technical excellence of Geizi dos Santos - offers free psychological treatment.

Geizi takes care of Juliana's social media, who works with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has already offered more than 100 free sessions, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of each participant.



Geizi Carla dos Santos

Degree in Social Communications, Media and Advertising | Female Entrepreneurship | Digital Marketing - SEO | Creative Writing and Screenwriting

When I started my journey in Advertising in 2011, I learned that communication is an important tool for social transformation. In 2016, I decided to change the route a bit to better understand the world. I left Brazil to live in Ireland, then I went from Ireland to Portugal, from Portugal to São Tomé and Príncipe and from São Tomé and Príncipe I returned to Ireland. Wherever I've been and wherever I choose to go, I carry social communication skills in my bag as a resource to be shared.

And it is from the Emerald Isle that I help women entrepreneurs to build a new reality, a reality that can be fairer, more welcoming and, above all, more human. My background in Communication, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Female Entrepreneurship allows me to offer the ideal advice to my clients, always prioritizing fair prices and services aimed at the real needs of each business.

Where do we work from? - Where the heart is.

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