The door was open and the house was more silent than usual.

No lights up at 9 pm. I knew that something was wrong.
So I followed the protocol to enter my own house. I screamed: If someone is here please say your name and put your hands up. I'm armed. As soon as I announced I came in.

I walked into the sitting room and what I saw makes me feel alarmed.
My wife lying on the floor and covered by the blood. When I checked the pulse, even if her body was still warm, I noticed that she already died.

Ignoring all blood on the floor I walked to see the housekeeper who was also lying on the floor; still alive but unconscious.
Then I notice her little eyes peering at me. Sitting on the sofa, the same beautiful blue eyes and small nose as mine.

My girl, who I tried to hide from my wife for so long was seeing a lot of blood and a disfigured woman without express any fear or panic. Instead, she was calm exactly like her father. Then she said something that scared me more than anything: Dad now you don't need...